Barbecue on Father’s Day

Barbecue On Father’s Day

Father’s day and barbecues are like horses and carriages. Both go hand in hand. Well, this is definitely the case for our family. As soon as our aunts and uncles confirmed the date and location of our Father’s Day barbecue, we, the little people, began our planning.

Firstly, as a habit, we had to get a headcount. Even though we could bring whatever food that we craved, we still needed to know. We discussed in our chat group about what each family was bringing to avoid an overabundance of one type of food. Well, unless, a huge number of hands wanted that certain type of dish.

Using our own utensils at for our barbecued scallops…

Secondly, how were we going to serve and eat everything? We had skewers, grilled vegetables, fruit platters, salads, steak, fish, and even, cake for dessert! Not to mention all the different types of beverages that we had….fruit juices, herbal teas, beer, sodas and yes, kombucha! Just thinking about all the utensils that could end up in the disposal already made me nervous. Luckily, we, as a family, decided that we were going to bring our own washable utensils, cups and plates. I mean, there was an occasion disposable pieces here and there, but overall, I was amazed! I had purchased a picnic cooler bag that cane with forks, spoons, knifes, plates and cups for camping years ago. So, I got to bring that out with me this time.

We were able to set up a compostable section for food scraps too! It was very interesting to see how we all monitored each other and reminded each other where our trash and food scraps went. Such teamwork!

Even so, there were a few aspects of this barbecue that we could improve on for next time. One family had found a roll of plastic film that was meant to be used as disposable tabletop coverings. Regrettably, the elders decided to use it as it was at home, sitting in a corner. Next time, I am bringing my washable table cloths!

How else can we improve on our next barbecue? Comment below!

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