Bags That Saved My Leafy Greens

Growing up in a household that loved eating leafy green vegetables, I observed they were left in the open for customers to pick what they wanted. Nowadays, plastic bags kept many of these leafy greens separated by bundles and prevented customers from picking freely. Sadly, these plastic bags also sped up the yellowing of the leafs. One way that my mother taught me to slow down this process, was to wrap paper towels around the vegetables. Afterwards, she would place them back into the plastic bag. I thought that was a bit of a waste, both the plastic bag and the paper towel.


As an adult and then a mother, myself, I really wanted to reduce the amount of plastics bags used for my lettuce and bok choy! The discovery of cotton GogoBags helped changed the way my family stored and ingested leafy greens. Imagine being able to enjoy fresh and crisp vegetables even on vacation!

Bags, Leafy Greens and Vacation

From experience, there were two main ways that the GogoBags helped:

1. On a trip: From going away on a vacation to going on a road trip to camping, I would pack the vegetables and leave them in the ice box. I would also bring empty ones, so that I could purchase fresh ones and leave them in the โ€œsaladโ€ bags.
2. Away from home: My pet reptile required fresh leafy greens everyday. My friend was able to have access to fresh leafy greens to help feed my pet for over a week! These GogoBags were able to keep them fresher even after two weeks.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that despite the fact one had to spend some money to purchase these vegetable bags, they saved my money in the long run. Imagine being able to eat all of my vegetables instead of composting almost of it at the end.

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