Away on a Farm

Spring break for the little ones and us, parents is holiday time for many of us. It is a time when the children get a break from school. Many may decide to fly off to far or foreign lands for Spring break. This year we are visiting some farm animals!


As we are packing to visit lovely places that are big on sustainability, remember to bring some reusable snack bags and refillable bottles for snacks and refreshments. Reusable grocery bags are great for picking up some fresh fruits and vegetables. Not mention that you can throw in some souvenirs that the local farmers make with their own materials.

Things to Look For at the Farm

First of all, it depends on the time of the year and the weather for what you will find. Since it is the Spring break, this is all about spring! Spring is about new life and that is what we are able to find at the farm.

The most exciting part of our tour is having to meet a newborn lamb at one farm and bottle-feeding another one. These events are eye-opening for both adults and children alike. One of the farmers emphasizes that life there is just like real life. For example, an ewe gives birth to a lamb but decides that she does not want to nurse him. So, the farmers steps in as him โ€œadoptive momโ€. The farmer relates that it is perfectly fine to be nursed or to be bottle-fed. Fed is best!

The children really want to go back to visit the animals. They want to stay and chat more. One even announces that someday she will own a farm of her own!


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  1. I grew up in a farming family, while my parents didn’t farm all my aunts and uncles on my dad’s side of the family did. As a result, we had the chance to visit the animals quite often, and I have great memories of it as a child!

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