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Avoiding Food Waste at Home



Although we are not able to control the amount of food waste at the restaurants, we can at home. Reducing food waste is better for the environment and for our pockets too! As we see in the media, a lot of the food in the food supply is often discarded. Hence, we, as consumers, can try to reflect our concerns through our purchasing habits.

Reduce Food Waste At Home

According to Love Food Hate Waste, three simple steps can be take to reduce food waste.

1) Meal plan: Meal planning helps to calculate the exact amount of groceries that is needed to be bought. When you use recipes, you are able to calculate exactly how much you need.
2) Use it up: Try to use up every thing that you buy. It is wise to look through your fridge and cupboards regularly to look for close to “best before” dates. This can help eliminate the need to throw away food.
3) Keep it fresh: Discover new ways to keep your food fresher longer allows you to be able to use up more of the food.Using all natural and reusable equipment like mason jars or cloth bags can help save more food. Mason jars can be used to keep soups and food frozen too! Another tip, GogoBags Fresh bags are able to keep fresh fruits and vegetables fresher. There will be lesser amounts of rotten produce sitting in a corner of your fridge.


Finally, one last suggestion, when you go shopping for groceries, pay attention where the store managers reduced the prices of certain items as they are close to “best before” dates or are not “pretty” enough. Sometimes, I actually look for these discounted items. I constantly pick up these items and cook them up that night as a surprise!



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