Autumn activities

Autumn Activities For The Families of All Ages

The autumn season is beautiful time for us in the Northern Hemisphere. Bright shades of red, orange, and yellow fill the autumn sky and on the ground around us. The temperature is beginning to drop, but sometimes the sun is still continuing to come out the play. There is so much to do to celebrate this change of seasons, both inside the home and outside the home.

Autumn Activities

Here are two activities that you can do with the little ones:

Autumn Leaf Hand Print: Pour out platters of red, orange and yellow non-toxic finger paints and have the children and yourself, stamp an open hand print onto some scrap paper. Then, you can wait for them to dry. After the hand prints are dried, you can cut out the “leaves” with the children and begin to decorate the house! For example, you stick the leaves onto the windows for the falling leaves effect. For the more advanced little ones, you can make a wreath out of the “leaves”. Just cut out a circle from stiff cardboard and glue the “leaves” with the fingers facing outwards… The more layers you have, the fuller the wreath is going to be! You can even glue some acorns that you may have found outside as decorations too!
Pumpkin Patches: For a great outdoor activity for both the young and young at heart, you can visit a pumpkin patch. Depending on your family, you can choose a local one that is close to your neighbourhood or do some research for a farm that is out-of-town. Families with younger children may prefer the shorter car rides to and from the pumpkin patch. For the older children, going out further to visit a farm in the country is a learning experience all on its own! They are able to stay awake longer (no need for naps) and can actually have more hands-on activities. Some of these pumpkin patches even have their own corn mazes!


The autumn season is not only for the students going back to school, but it is also wonderful time to remember the farms and their dedication to the harvest of fruits and vegetables. What are you planning to do to celebrate this autumn season?

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