In the summer of 2010, Owner Anahita created the concept behind gogoBags which is that of sustainability, quality, and family. The handmade fabric goods, that many have come to know and love, officially were introduced later that same year at a local Christmas Craft Market in North Vancouver.

The three motivators that first inspired the company still remain the pillars of the brand. What started as a way to spend more time with the Matriarch of the family became a greater purpose for members of the gogoBags family all the while acclimating into a new country.

They have since grown to offer a variety of fabric products worldwide that are not only aesthetically beautiful and easy to clean, but also sustainable. With every fabric bag used they do their part in avoiding landfills by choosing to forego the use of plastic bags.

Implementing a small change, such as reducing single-use plastic daily, can be achieved with a trusted brand. Rest assured that the due diligence has been done in regards to quality, safety and manufacturing practices conducted in daily operations.

“Doing our part to heal Mother Earth is easier for all of us when we are in this together.”


| 100% Cotton liners | wrapping bread or herbs in cotton cloth has been a practice used for centuries. Food stays fresh longer by using such breathable fabric so at gogoBags we line our bags with 100% cotton.

| Quality | handmade by experienced seamstress’ with fabrics curated with quality in mind, our products are made to last. When taken care of properly, our bags can be used by future generations rather than say, 5-10 years. We wanted to create a product that is sought after due to a necessity rather than the need to replace it. Due to the detailed craftsmanship, this can be attained.

  | Sustainability |  Our main objective is to reduce waste while paying homage to the older generation’s keen sense of upholding a sustainable lifestyle. When items in our homes serve a purpose and are made to last, food and plastic waste alike are both reduced.  We feel good about offering products that can deter the use of thousands of plastic bags while reducing food waste due to their nature of keeping food fresh longer.   | Simplicity | living simple yet abundant lives is a lesson we carry forward at gogoBags. Storing, gathering, or sharing meals with family from one of our products is a way that can simplify those moments for families. Washer and dryer safe, our bags don’t add any household stressors but rather simplify them.
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