About Us

Three Key Motivators For Creating gogoBags

In the summer of 2010 I came up with the concept of gogoBags and in November together with my mom we launched at a Christmas Craft Market in North Vancouver


  1. Needed a safe reusable bag to send snacks to school with my then kindergartener. I needed to trust the fabric and manufacturing 100% of the times.
  2. Was looking for something meaningful for my mom to do to get her feel at home and with purpose in her new country.
  3. Needed something that I could keep up with cleaning and reusing, something that was easy and enjoyable enough to use and reuse to avoid going back to plastic bags.

gogoBags Values Are Based On How Our Ancestors Lived!

Using only 100% Cotton liner! Our ancestors wrapped their bread and herbs in cotton cloth to keep them fresh. They figured out that food needs to breath to stay fresh. Our bags are all lined with 100% cotton so your food is only touching cotton and nothing else and can always breath.

Quality that beats time! There was a time that when you bought something you could use it for a lifetime. Lifetime warrantee actually meant lifetime and not 5-10years 🙂 We wanted to create a product that you only want to buy more because you needed more. Something that is sustainable and lifelong. We believe that our products can last you a lifetime if taken care of right.

Local! Our ancestors grew the food they needed, and only ate foods that were local to the area. They worked and played as a community. At gogoBags we keep our production local to our community. We create jobs for moms in our community to empower them with meaningful and fulfilling job they can do in the comfort of their home while raising their family.

Sustainability! They lived a sustainable life. There was no waste. Everything had a purpose and was used for something even if it was to make compost and use for growing food. Our main objective is to reduce waste. Food waste and plastic waste alike. That?s why our bags keep food fresh longer, they save 1000+ of plastic bags in their lifetime and at the end of their life most of them are compostable.

Simplicity! They lived a simple but complete life with family and friends. That?s what we like to create in every household using gogoBags. Our bags are a tool for families to share healthy meals to gather or on the go without the worry of how to store or care for the bags. That?s why our bags are washer and dryer safe and simple to use even for a one year old.