A Tradition Worth Keeping 

Canadian Makers Market (CMM) was created out of the pure joy I feel from helping others! This year especially, I wanted to help others have a better holiday season so I pursued an idea that had sparked in September. It was one of those grand ideas; you know, those ideas that become so persistent in your mind that you have to act on it? CMM was that for me. So, you see, every September when the kids go back to school it feels like a new year for me; I sit in my meditation chair and reflect, look towards the rest of the year, and tasks I have on the go for myself. During reflection, it hit me that this year there wouldn’t be any in-person markets, and the thought of small businesses losing their holiday market income, weighed heavily on me. Believe it or not, there are businesses whose majority of income is generated in the one and half months of holiday markets.

With the Pandemic hitting our communities hard, we’ve had to come together and stand stronger as we help one another. While some families have been affected more than others, and some even losing loved ones, we’ve had to gain comfort from the power of the phrase “We’re in this together”. We may not be sharing the same space, but we are together in spirit and action.

We can continue to help one another by making a conscious choice on supporting our communities and businesses by shopping close to home. Choosing Canada-made can make a big difference to those small businesses who rely on their holiday sales each year. Let’s stand together to make a small business owner and their families happy this season.

Canadian Makers Market has been just that, a platform where Makers and supporters can come together. If I hadn’t acted on making CMM a reality, we wouldn’t have the thriving and supportive space that CMM has blossomed into. With the help of my team, we have put together a social media campaign to provide our Makers the training and exposure they need to be able to sell online. While you and our communities have come together in this Facebook group by supporting, and I’m truly grateful for that.

Thank you for your continued support for Canadian Makers Market and our Makers! We wish you a happy and safe holiday season.




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