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5 Tips for Neighbourhood Engagement Towards a Greener Community

One positive thing that came out of this pandemic it forced a lot of us to know our neighbors better. During the quarantine and even now a lot of senior citizens were relying on their neighbors to do their shopping, something that normally wouldn’t happen. Now we can take that connection and build a greener community and even a stronger relationship with our neighbors.


Things you do for a greener community


1.- Assess nearby problems.

Problems like waste management including recycling, natural resources, contamination of air, water, soil or even noise contaminants. ⁠⁠A very simple way to start is to research the overall awareness within your neighborhood about sustainability, reusable culture and ecology.

2 – Make a Plan.

Once you’ve decided which area of sustainability and knowledge you wish to develop, make a plan of execution. What are the steps that need to be taken towards the results you are seeking?

Say you want to propose a community garden or make a plan to share unused items within households. Maybe you want to establish an idle-free zone or a weekly trade event.

⁠After researching about local laws and legislation, your plan can start by gathering a group of neighbors and establishing goals and a calendar including each person’s tasks. This can be an amazing way of coming together for a common purpose like having a greener community and learn from each other at the same time.


3 – Organize a fundraiser.

If you already lead or know of a great initiative underway that requires community support or you wish to contribute to a local organization with an online event, a fundraiser is a great way to gather funds as a group.

At gogoBags we support your nonprofit fundraiser either with products, discounts or promotions. If you wish to learn more and submit a project, email us at hello@gogobags.ca with subject line: ‘Fundraiser request’ and we will get back to you!

4 – Volunteer.

There are many ways of making a difference for our environment without any money involved. One of them is volunteering for local organizations that have this option. The value of your time can be translated into something amazing for our planet.

A lot of neighborhoods volunteer together to clean out their neighborhood beach or weed and clean out their neighborhood trails. This can go on top of the list for creating a greener community.


5 – Communicate, share, create a Newsletter.

Whether you are new or an expert in sustainability, communication is always a great way to share your knowledge. You can start by writing a one page Newsletter to friends and family via email with all the monthly information you have gathered and wish to share. Make this a project for engagement and collaboration for a greener community.

Of course there are more different things we list here. These are just a few we could think of. There is no right or wrong here. Anything you do in your neighborhood to create awareness and build a greener community counts.

To a greener community on every corner of this beautiful planet we call home!



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