5 Socially Distant Father’s Day Activities

This blog post seems to be the most difficult one I’ve ever written. How do you show appreciation for a lifetime of wisdom and sacrifice? I’ve been struggling with this for a few days now. I know what to do for my husband, but for my dad, that’s something else. I have trouble deciding on this in normal situations, let alone in COVID time.

I know if I would ask him what he wants he would say just come sit with us for coffee or a drink. I do that, but I want to do something larger, something that can say ” hey dad, I see you, I know how much you sacrificed in your life for me to get me to where I am now, and I’m grateful for that.” Is there a gift for that? Didn’t think so.

So what do you do in the time of crisis that we are in right now? Thankfully I can go visit my parents. I can go sit with him have a cup of coffee or a few drinks ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I was thinking of people who could not be with their dads and it breaks my heart. Would a video chat be enough????

Here is a few simple ideas that come to my mind. Before continuing I have to say that none of them are ideal, nothing beats the good old hug, but hear it goes. Oh and these ideas are for the elderly dad in your life with grandkids, some could work for younger dads too though.

1) Have An Online Feast

It takes a little bit of planning. Order a delivery of their favourite food to their house and yours at a certain time and eat together via zoom or one the apps that’s lets you see the other person. Share memories and enjoy his favourite food together through the power of interweb.

2) Go For A Nature Walk

In some areas, you can meet your family in an outdoor setting. If possible you can arrange a nature walk and a nice picnic after. This will give you the quality time you need with dad while social distancing.

3) Take Him To Memory Land

You’ve got the time. Print some of the old and newer photos and create a scrapbook with fun notes and memory jots. I love scrapbooks especially when you add your personal and fun memories to it. It can fill up dad’s time with good memories. You can even send it ahead of time to him and ask him to open it with you online. So you can go through the book and laugh and have fun together. Memory lands are always fun

4) Create A Family Celebratory Video

Create a video for him with every member of your family and your sibling’s family if you have some. Everyone participating in their own way with funny memories and comments. Grandkids are the joy of life and I’m sure grandpa, your dad will appreciate seeing their faces and funny comments. Most times each grandkid has a special bond over something with grandpa, imagine gathering them all in one place for him to enjoy for days to come.

5) Start Your Own Book Club With Him

It’s so amazing to sew how much wisdom our dad can still give us, even when we are parents ourselves. I’ve created a joint audible account for my dad and I. We listen to the same book and discuss that whenever we can. It’s the best thing ever, so amazing to see how different or similar we think of one subject. It also gives us something more to talk about. I generally don’t like to talk about politics or news and how much can you talk about grandkids. Having something different and common to talk about gives us the quality time we need.


There you have it, a few socially distant activities for this year’s father’s day, until next year that hopefully we go and hug him so dearly.

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