2020: A Different Kind of Holiday Season

Have you put up your Holiday decorations yet? I have πŸ˜€

Any other year, I would wait until at least the first of December to decorate my house. This year however I was ready since August, I’m ready to add some joy and light into my life and feel the magic of hope, and I don’t even celebrate Christmas religiously, just love it.

I guess the reason is that every other year, I would be charged and excited for Christmas markets I was about to visit and attend during this time of the year. Not this year though, the joy of in-person markets is missing from my life.

I think we are all doing things differently this year, we are at a point in the history of humankind that I think everyone is going through the same thing at the same time. This COVID 19 kind of united us as a global and local community.

Since we are doing things differently, I like to remind everyone and myself that we need to start our Christmas shopping earlier this year and possibly stay close to home when shopping online. Shopping from local, Canadian made company means that we’re not just spending money, we are investing in our economy, yes we spent money but that money goes back to our community.

Study shows that small businesses recirculate up to $63 of every $100 in spending in the local economy, compared to $14 for multinationals. Small businesses tend to give work to their neighbours, buy from local producers and service providers.

This year a lot of handmade businesses that relied on the Christmas market are suffering as most markets are cancelled. We need to support these businesses as much as possible. These are hardworking men and women who create one-of-a-kind, amazing products and while doing that their children are learning alongside them. Their children are learning how honest hard work pays off and how they can also live doing what they love.

Most handmade products are family afire. From children to grandparents everyone has a tiny part in making the craft we used to see in the craft markets. Now every one of those businesses has to present their craft online and they will need our help to showcase them

This holiday season lets spread the joy in a bigger way. Let’s give meaningful one-of-a-kind handmade gifts to our family and with our purchase give a gift of joy and accomplishment to the Makers’ family the creators of those gifts.

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  1. Supporting local is always so very important but this year more than ever. Great reminder for the holiday season and remembering the hardworking men and women trying to stay afloat this year.

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