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Today I Ate a Rainbow Giveaway!!!

Eating fruit and vegetables has never been an issue in our home. I just have to cut and serve it, it’s the main dish that I have trouble getting my daughter to eat.

When I had the chance to try “Today I ate a rainbow” kit, I thought to myself great, love to try it but don’t really need it.

Man I was wrong!         logo_new2

I’m so glad that I was open to the idea and tried this amazing product. Within a day I figured out that, yes, we eat a lot of fruit and vegetable and different colors but we were missing couple of colors all together and I had no idea. This product made me realize that I’m not offering a lot of purple and yellow vegetables and my children got more interested of what they were putting in their bodies. And they started to try new things just to cover a color 🙂 The purple vegetables on the right side of the picture below is actually purple bell pepper we found in farmer’s market this summer. Yumm!

2014-08-19 11.21.16 One thing that was very fun for us, was watching all the videos on “Today I ate a rainbow” website together with my daughter. I learned a lot and my daughter got very excited about the whole healthy eating as well. She especially loved Kia’s daughter, Hannah, helping out in the videos. The only thing I got myself into is that now she demands that I cut and present vegetables like Kia the lovely lady behind the book and the product. If you have picky eater I really suggest watching the videos together, it will get your child excited with healthy eating.


Unfortunately we don’t do well with charts and keeping records. So the board doesn’t get filled and updated everyday. But having it on my fridge helps me a lot in serving vegetables and cooking. Now I’m more aware of all the colors that I plate for the kids to snack on and all the colors that go into my salads or other cooked dishes. The picture below is my Rainbow kit on the fridge from the early days that the kids liked to track what they ate, now I just do it.

2014-08-29 10.00.11

I highly recommend having the kit even if you are not a chart person and know that you won’t go ahead and keep record. Just having it there on the fridge makes a huge difference. Specially now that the kids are in school, it’s “Today I Ate A Rainbow” that helps me make sure my kids get all the vegetables they need during the day.

Now for the fun part “Today I Ate A Rainbow” generously offered to do a giveaway of their popular “Rainbow Kit”  for you! Our awesome reader. To make this even more fun, I’m adding a GoGo fridge set, which is the 3 different sizes of fresh bags to keep those colorful vegetables fresh and sexy looking crisp in the fridge without plastic.

The winner will receive the combined prize in total value of $81

  • 1 The Rainbow KitIMG_8407-web


  • 1 GoGo Fridge Set _MG_9314_web

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The contest is open to residents of Canada and US and will close on October 21st midnight. The winner will be announced here and contacted via e-mail. It is the responsibility of the winner to provide us with correct mailing address within 3 days of announcement.

Good Luck!!!


Snack Happy 🙂



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3 comments on “Today I Ate a Rainbow Giveaway!!!
  1. anahita says:

    Our lucky winner for this giveaway [Drum Rollllll!!!] is Stephanie!

  2. Stephanie S. says:

    Thank you soooo very much!!! 🙂

  3. Moira Johnston says:

    What a great idea! I just ordered a celery bag from SPUD and then I thought I should check out your website. I’m so glad I did and I’m happy to see that you have options for the exterior fabric. I’ll try the celery bag and then get back to you for some of your other bags. Thanks for seeing a need and then doing something about it.

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