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  1. Tanis Frame says:

    I tried out GoGo Bags because I’m always on the lookout for great local, eco-friendly and healthy alternatives for families… I’ve kept using them because they’re fabulous!! Reusable cloth snack bags are such and easy way for families to eliminate huge amounts of disposable plastic, and are a much healthier alternative as well. GoGo Bags are made of sturdy yet soft cotton, compact yet not flimsy. They work great for all sorts of snacks, are less bulky than hard sided containers, and best of all, with the flip top design, both my 2 and 4 year old girls can get into them and close them up without my help… brilliant! 😉 They wash up beautifully and I love that they are all hand make here in BC. Now I just need to get my hands on a few more- because in my family we pretty much live outdoors, and snacks on the go are key!

  2. I love that Anahita has been able to find unique ways to create unique re-usable bags in a market that is getting very saturated. I also love that she is a small local business and that the bags are lovingly made by her, she is always open to new ideas and customizing bags especially for your business! I get compliments all the time when I am using them and proudly tell people all about Anahita and GoGoBags!

  3. ” I bought my GoGo Bags at the EPIC. We are using them daily and my kids love them. They are wonderful. I’m not buying any Ziploc bag anymore! 🙂 ”

  4. Chelsea Bryant says:

    I received your bags last Thursday, and I LOVE them! I am conducting a little tally/experiment to see how many ziploc bags I will replace this month using the re-usable go-go bags 😀

  5. Nicola says:

    “I love the colourful designs and patterns that Gogo Bags uses. My son loves to eat his snacks out of his bag, because it is soft it is easy for his little hands to hold.”

  6. Chelsea Bryant says:

    “I saved 24 ziploc bags using your reusable bags. I suppose it does not seem like much, but that was on month, and only going to school 4 days a week. Using your bags though also made me use more reusable containers for substances that I could not use the cloth bags for, so I probably saved MANY MANY more ziploc bags as well. I went entirely ziploc bag free for the whole month! and I plan on doing it from now on”

    Thank you so much Anahita, I tell everyone where I got my fantastic bags whenever people ask (which is quite often)

  7. Tabitha P says:

    I received my Gogo Bags through a giveaway with Canadian Coupon Mom and they are awesome! They are easy to clean and refill. It’s nice to find a Canadian company too! We’ve only used them a few times so far but we are loving them. I like not having to use ziplock bags everyday. You go through a lot when they start going to school full time and it’s only been a few weeks so far!
    Thanks Gogo Bags and Canadian Coupon Mom for the giveaway and the opportunity to try out your bags! We’ll be buying more soon hopefully 🙂

  8. I LOVE these bags! They keep my son’s fruit fresh when he goes to preschool, and he finds them easy to open. To clean them, I just toss them in the laundry and use them again the next week. And the designs are just so darn cute! I love supporting a local company.

  9. Deb Jung says:

    Wow! Love the way your products look! I love the apple print!

  10. Susie W says:

    I just love these fun, reusable snack and sandwich bags. They keep our snacks fresh and are so much better than using disposable plastic bags! And my kids love them too; they carry their own snacks everywhere they go, because they just love the bags!
    Thanks for creating such a wonderful, eco-friendly product Anahita!

  11. Michelle holland says:

    The bags look great, what about the towels that are shown with the tooth brush holder it looks as if they are a replacement for a roll of paper towels which also would.be a great ideal and also sav this family quite a bit of money and also good for the environment. I did not see them as an option to buy.

    • anahita says:

      Hi Michelle, Thank you for your comment. Yes we have the mini wipes, which will go on our online shop tonight.

  12. Donna says:

    I purchased your gogo bag for my celery. It is absolutely wonderful. We don’t like to use plastic in our house. Even if we did, the gogo bag keeps it extremely fresh for a very long time. I am now going to purchase two more salad bags for broccoli and cauliflower and lettuce.

  13. Lori Norman says:

    I love the tooth brush bags (I bought five)….all different designs. They have travelled with our family all summer. And the snack bags are amazing. I am very fussy about my apples and they truly do stay crisp for hours and hours. Best part…you just throw the bags in the laundry to clean.

  14. Julie Huang says:

    I love your bags!! It was exactly what I was looking for…but didn’t know it. I used to use a fabric placemat (which I still do from time to time) but this was more useful! It’s more environmentally friendly than a zip lock bag and more flexible than a tupperware type of box. I was actually scared that my snacks would fall out if I pulled the bag out the wrong way…but no accidents so far! The lip on top seems to keep everything in place.

    I’ve put everything in the snack bag from nuts to cookies to pomegranate seeds in there! Not sure if it’s a great idea but I’ve gotten several uses out of the snack bag before having to wash it. All the uses (except one) was dried snacks.

    The designs are so cute that I have gotten compliments from so many coworkers…even guys! Yes, even the boys like your bags. It really gets me excited about eating snacks 🙂 And since people are so curious to see such a bag, they are also curious to see what I have for snacks– a good way to help me be aware of what I eat!

    Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to purchase more and share them with family and friends!

  15. Maureen says:

    I have found a new use for your bags! Recently after needing to put an ice pack on an injury, I was wrapping the ice pack in a tea towel and using elastics to keep the towel on when I remembered your sandwich size bag I had. I folded the ice pack over and slipped it in the bag. Fit perfectly! Thanks for making things easier for me. LOVE the quality of your products!!

  16. Vanessa says:

    Love your gogobags! Grateful for your work! I’m very happy that we can buy handmade, local, eco friendly and reusable sandwich and snack bags in BC Canada! We love them!

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