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Summer Lunch. Easy, Light, And Nutrisious!

Summer dinners are mostly BBQ or picnic sandwiches on the beach, but during the day I crave some easy light summer lunch to enjoy with the kids at home or outdoors. Something nutritious and easy to make on the run as I’m either running out for some sort of activity or rushing to get some work done on my business during that time of the day.

As much I like to have meal plans, most days I don’t know exactly what I’m making for dinner until 4pm. Well 4:3ish is my lucky hour for cooking and cleaning the house. I guess this timing stuck with me from the time I worked outside the house. Now even if I have the day off of gogoBags, I still do other things until around 4:30. During school year I just have leftovers for lunch. Summer time is different though, I can’t give these kiddos leftovers all the time plus when you have BBQ most nights, there is not much of a leftover to eat the next day.

My challenge is to come up with fast, nutritious and filling ideas for summer lunches. I was craving something light, yet salty and delicious and came up with this sandwich for today’s summer lunch:

Summer Lunch Open Sandwich


It takes only a few minutes to assemble this sandwich if you have all your vegetables and bread ready to go. I always keep washed vegetables in gogo Fresh Salad Bags to make healthy food on a second’s notice.

For this open sandwich I used:

  • Hummus
  • Salami  (any kind of meat or form of protein will do)
  • Apple slices (I substitute apples, when I’m out of tomato)
  • Salad greens (I use baby Arugula when I have them)
  • My favorite dressing

washed vegetables ready to use in Fresh Bags

Assembly is easy:

Spread the Hummus on the bread, place the salamies in proper order on the sandwich, top up with apple slices and salad greens, salt and pepper and then a tiny splash of salad dressing or reduced balsamic vinaigrette.

Bon Appetit

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