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Misfit Bags! What Are They And Why They Are On Sale?

The truth about manufacturing and production is that mistakes happen and you can’t sell some of the products that are perfectly working but not up to our code in terms of size and look. Meaning they are made of the same awesome fabric as others except they turned out to be a bit smaller, bigger, wider, narrower, or curved 🙂 We call them misfit bags.

No I didn’t invent the phrase “misfit bags” in fact I’ve kind of half borrowed it from story published in 2016 on Global News about misfit produce that was not going to waste anymore in Alberta.

The story got me thinking of all the misfit bags I had laying around in my studio, waiting for me to make some decisions on. As much as I thought of donating them, I couldn’t go ahead with it, mostly because I like to donate products that I’m able to sell for full price not the ones that are misfit.

So I came up with the Family Day Blowout Sale!

It’s going to be very simple, all prices are reduced more than 50% no need for coupon code.

Snack bags: $4

Sandwich bags: $5

Basic Shipping  lettermail – without packaging or tracking number :$3 for orders of one bag. Additional shipping charges may apply for order of more.

You can also choose local pick up or different shipping type.

I want to be clear, that some bags may be smaller or bigger than our regular published size upto one inch. They may not look straight or may have fade screen prints. However all bags will do keep your vegetables and sandwiches from getting wilted or soggy up to lunchtime. At lunch time you can be sure to have the same quality of food that you put in the bags in the morning.

The sale is on for the duration of Canada’s Family Day weekend east coast and west coast, Feb 11 to Feb 20.

I hope that these misfit bags find a happy home and get used by families soon!

Happy Family Day Weekend Canada

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