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I’m a True Convert! From plastic to reusable sandwich bags. And Giveaway!!


Waste free lunch was a new phrase in my vocabulary in 2010. When I read our school’s welcome letter and it’s waste free lunch policy, I knew I had to do something.

Because of the BPA a few years back I had thrown away all my plastic containers and used glass ones instead. For snacks on the go I was relying on Ziploc bags on a daily basis 🙁

Yes that was me then, using a few plastic bags everyday. Not that I didn’t care about Earth and our environment, but because I didn’t have the right tools. I did my best to wash the bags and reuse them. And I reused the life out of those plastic bags, but I still was contributing to the landfill.

I had to do something to be able to send snack to school without the waste. I started searching the web; first I got to know the ugly truth about plastic! Then I couldn’t find a single bag that I could trust the fabric and liked the design.

So the idea of GoGo bags was born, and thus began the research and development.

On September 2010 my son was using our very first proto-type, which by the way we are still using! That was the end of Ziploc plastic bags in our home! And I LOVE it!

The only downside, is that when school wants me to send something in clear bag, I don’t have a proper plastic bag to send stuff in. But we manage somehow, it needs a little creativity but at the end I find a way to send things to school without the plastic. Sometimes it goes there with a GoGo Bags with a tag attached to it!

It’s been four years, and I managed to live without plastic sandwich bags, sending lunch and snack to school and work for hubby and two kids.

Was it easy?      Super easy, now that I had the right tools.

Did we all need to learn to live this way?

Hell yes! We all needed to adjust. We had a lot of talks on how plastic is bad for our environment and could leach chemicals to our food. School helped a lot too, since they encourage waste free lunches.

My secret to success?

Making it easy and accessible.


Well, I have a lot of GoGo reusable bags, because I try all of our new fabrics before they go in the market, and that makes it easy for me to go absolutely plastic free.

cotton reusable bags

But at any week I won’t use more than 10 bags between the two kids. Of course now I have a few plastic and stainless steel containers but I mostly use our cotton reusable bags for snacks and lunches.

If you are planning to stay away from plastic bags altogether of course you will need more than one bag. One bag to try and see if it works is good but you need a system to be able to stay away from plastic. I think 5 sets of bags a person is good enough and by 5 sets I mean 5 reusable snack bags and 5 reusable sandwich bags. This will give you the option and comfort to wash the bags altogether on the weekend. Remember it should be easy for you to use it and reuse it to be able to continue doing it, otherwise you will go back to the comfort of using plastic and throwing it away.  Of course the initial investment on this system will be more than the price of a box of Ziploc bag but these bags will last you more than five years, so in the long run you will save your initial investment if not more.


I’m planning to create a plastic free system, and I need your help. Please comment below and let me know what is your magic number. How many bags a week do you think will convert you from plastic to cotton?

As a thank you for your help we are planning to help one family convert from plastic to cotton for free. All comments will be entered in a draw on Earth Day April 22 and a lucky winner will receive 5 Snack Sets value of $69 to get them started.

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11 comments on “I’m a True Convert! From plastic to reusable sandwich bags. And Giveaway!!
  1. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for the terrific and generous giveaway! It is wonderful to have all these eco friendly options to carry our food in!

  2. Crystal says:

    I would need at least 15 sandwich and 30 snack Gogo bags for a one week plastic free lunch

  3. Claudine says:

    Dear Anahita, as you know, my baby is 19!!! I bought 4 Gogo bags. 2 snacks size, and 2 sandwich sizes. I also love the cutlery bag ( i got 1). To go totally plastic free I think 10 sandwich bags and 5 cutlery bags would be plenty! Because I would put snacks in them, not only sandwiches. My son likes to take dinner leftovers so he takes a cutlery bag, a glass containers with his food, and fruit and perhaps crackers in the sandwich bags. He does not take lunch to school every day, at this age. He normally takes it 3x a week. I made the count if he took it everyday.
    So you got your number! cheers! Claudine

  4. Jacinta W says:

    I think 2 snack bags and 1 sandwich bag per person in my family would be perfect. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Kayla says:

    Hello, I’m a stay at home mom and we go out for play dates a lot with snacks 3 times a week. We go on lots of road trips too always handy to have different food on hand.
    Thanks for the giveaway ( it still won’t let me enter)

  6. Laurie says:

    I think 4-5 snack bags would eliminate plastic in our house.

  7. Lucca says:

    I love what you’re doing to get us all happily away from plastic. I think I would need 5 snack bags a week – one a day for weekdays and so when some are being laundered, I have more. I don’t have family at home so that’s just me. I could do with the same number of sandwich bags. I don’t always eat lunch out but I would also use them to store left-overs in the fridge during the week. I already have one snack bag for my apples and I love it!

  8. Trish says:

    I would need 15 snack bags and 10 sandwich bags to go plastic free for a whole week!

  9. Shaunna says:

    I would probably need 6 snack bags and 4 sandwich bags ..

  10. Jessica Young says:

    I think 2-3. It’s hard not to resist all the beautiful prints

  11. Bianca says:

    In my family I would say 3-4 bags per child would be enough for us to go totally plastic free.

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