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Simple Earth Day Challenge

Earth day is when I look back and see how I did in the past year in terms of respecting our nature and being a friend of Earth.

Every day is earth day in our home and on April 22nd we kind of evaluate how we have been doing for the past year.

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Green Up Challenge!

In March We had the privilege of being featured in the Green up Challenge of Born to be Adventurous. There were articles about reducing waste to a single jar, zero waste kitchen tips and a review of our bags.

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Family Day Weekend And Trying To Create Balance Between Work And Play

family day weekendI always feel a lot of pressure that I need to do lots of outdoor activities with the kids and family the whole long weekend. Specially when I see so many photos of my friends on social media spending time on the mountains, vacations, hiking, and doing all sort of activities.

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Misfit Bags! What Are They And Why They Are On Sale?

The truth about manufacturing and production is that mistakes happen and you can’t sell some of the products that are perfectly working but not up to our code in terms of size and look. Meaning they are made of the same awesome fabric as others except they turned out to be a bit smaller,

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Money Saving Tips That Can Save You A Lot Starting Now!

vegetables displayed in grocery store

Did you know among other foods, vegetables alone will have a price increase of 4% to 6% in 2017. Everyone is talking goal setting and resolution for the new year. I bet saving money is on the top of the list for many!

I’ve been trying to save money and educate myself on money and how to create a budget and run a family on budget and save as much as possible for many years now.

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Waste Free Lunch Tips and Tools

Back to school is upon us and I’m sure like me the subject of sending lunch to school, the what and how is on mind of many parents. I’m sure many schools are running a waste free lunch policy as most schools are trying to reduce the amount of lunch waste in their schools.

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Summer Lunch. Easy, Light, And Nutrisious!

Summer dinners are mostly BBQ or picnic sandwiches on the beach, but during the day I crave some easy light summer lunch to enjoy with the kids at home or outdoors. Something nutritious and easy to make on the run as I’m either running out for some sort of activity or rushing to get some work done on my business during that time of the day.

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Celebrating the very First “Buy Canadian Day”


On June 25th for the very first time in the country we are celebrating a “Buy Canadian Day”!
How amazing is that?

With the way the economy moves and how we need to conserve energy and live (a little) greener, buying Canadian not only make sense but it’s a must to make a Greener Canada possible.

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Today I Ate a Rainbow Giveaway!!!

Eating fruit and vegetables has never been an issue in our home. I just have to cut and serve it, it’s the main dish that I have trouble getting my daughter to eat.

When I had the chance to try “Today I ate a rainbow” kit,

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When We Go Camping, We Go On a Green Camping

2014-07-03 09.49.03
Camping doesn’t come naturally to me I’m more like a picnic type of girl that loves to take a shower and sleep in her comfy bed at the end of the day.

But we go camping anyways, and I love it when I’m there,

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Things that I just don’t travel without

It’s finally summer, my favorite season of all, when I recharge!

In summer time, we go on a lot of road trips, short and long ones. Our longest was when we drove from Vancouver to San Francisco. That was when the kids where 2 and 4 years old.

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Green living goes beyond green in our house – it’s how we care about each other!


When I think of green living I think of a way of life. I think of values that not only apply to what we recycle but also to the way we run our lives.  The way we share with others… the way we buy… the way we watch TV and their endless commercials.

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