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I was born to an entrepreneurial family and have never known any other way of life. When I had my first child there was no question about quitting my 9-5 job running my travel agency to work from home with  flexible hours.

My goal was to settle on a business that I find equally satisfying and possible to run from home by the time my kids were both in school. The GoGo Bags concept came to me one sleepless night in July just a month before my first child began kindergarten. I was lying in bed contemplating how I would like to give my son the healthiest and most eco-friendly snack options for school. My intentions went beyond just the food. I got up in excitement at 2am, researched and planned the business through the night. At 6 in the morning I called my mother and told her “we have a business!” and our line of reusable sandwich bags was born.

Over the next 4 months, we “the mother-daughter team” did a lot of researching materials and testing prototypes. We launched Gogo Bags at a Christmas Market in November 2010.

I have a passion for people and creating things to make their lives better. Gogo Bags are products that not only make our lives easier and our eco footprints smaller, but they are also fun and easy for children to use, something that’s important to me and close to my heart.



Graduated in sewing and craft major in Iran, I am a craft savvy mother and grandmother! I love to brag that my grandchildren adore my
handmade gifts, and know where to go to fix a broken soft animal!

Joining my daughter when she called on that early July morning was natural and exciting to me.  Since then I designed and redesigned and perfected the designs of all different products in GoGo bags. I also has systematized the process of manufacturing the products to be sufficient. I am always on the look for new practical and beautiful products to create.

I  love learning new crafts and creating beautiful things.


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