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When We Go Camping, We Go On a Green Camping

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Camping doesn’t come naturally to me I’m more like a picnic type of girl that loves to take a shower and sleep in her comfy bed at the end of the day.

But we go camping anyways, and I love it when I’m there, more because I have a good excuse to read and finish a book or two within our camping time. Disconnecting from the world for a few days too, is kind of neat and recharging πŸ™‚

Of course when we go camping, we go on a green camping. We wash our dishes, take our compost and recycling back home with us. And we try to create as less garbage as possible by taking most of our food in reusable GoGo Fresh bags.

My husband is responsible for tent, sleeping bags, BBQ & Fire starters and things related to that department. Kids are responsible for their entertainment, everyone packs their own cloths and they all go in one big bag. This is the list I’m responsible for,

  1. Reusable dishes
  2. Buckets and dish soap
  3. Towels and table cover
  4. Proper bag for our compost to bring home with us
  5. GoGo Fresh bags
  6. GoGo sandwich bags
  7. GoGo toothbrush bags
  8. Our first aid kit from roadtrip
  9. Pot and pan _ kettle and teapot
  10. Of course food and cooler


I have collected a few pictures from our camping trip this year.

Green camping needs a bit of an effort and preparation but it’s not hard at all. You just need to take things in a way to make it easy and natural to camping green. Something else I wanted to mention is that, Β yes! we we reusing few plastic bags for garbage and cleaning up after our dog. We are not living a 100% plastic free life but we cut the plastic bags as much as we can. You can do the same, it takes only one plastic bag at a time.

Share with us what you do at your camping trips that can count for living green.

Happy camping!



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