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Green living goes beyond green in our house – it’s how we care about each other!


When I think of green living I think of a way of life. I think of values that not only apply to what we recycle but also to the way we run our lives.  The way we share with others… the way we buy… the way we watch TV and their endless commercials.

When I go to a kitchen store I get overwhelmed with the number of products that they sell that we don’t really need and can get by without.

Do we need so many different cutters? One to cut boiled eggs… one to cut avocado… one for apples… I could go on and on.

Yes, having them would be nice, maybe!

But can’t we get by with the number of knives we have in the kitchen? If we do, we have saved the energy spent producing, shipping, and then recycling of these products.

To me living a green life means being satisfied with what you have and keeping it in great shape.


Father’s day is coming up and in my family we try to keep it fun and personal, I mean very personal! It’s something we do together or for dad that counts, not what we buy. The kids get to make a card or craft if they decide to and we do a nice home made brunch. Not in bed, breakfast and bed sheets don’t go together in our household 🙂

We make a certificate of some sort to give as a gift to dad. A nice hike …. some “me-time” – something that he needs to do for himself and is not doing because he is busy taking care of everyone else in the family. Or a certificate for a car wash …. taking the garbage out for a month… cleaning the BBQ – something that he has to do all the time and would love a break from !

Green living goes beyond green in our house it’s how we care about each other, our neighborhood, our city and our planet.

What do you do to have Green Father’s Day? Share it with us in comments!

Happy Father’s Day!




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